Affiliate Program Terms and Condition.


– Must be active in the pressure washer / car detailing industry.

– Minimum of 2,000 followers or subscribers social media channel size.

– Must be active on any social media.


Joining the Affiliate Program

Anyone can join the Active affiliate program, all affiliate applications are manually reviewed prior to approval! This process might take a week from submission to approval, but we’re glad you’re interested in being a part of the Active Affiliate Program!

Commission Rates

Available commissions are set forth in the Affiliate Tool. Purchase commissions are calculated based on monthly purchases at the rates set forth in the Affiliate Tool.

Eligible Products

All Products on the Active Website are eligible for commission!

Customer Discounts

Customer Discounts are quantity-based, meaning they are only valid for a certain number of uses. Details on quantity-limits will be shared within the Affiliate Tool. But you will receive your referral commissions on all unique sales.


Our team continually monitors sales generated through our affiliates. If our team identifies an attempt to commit fraud or any ongoing fraud related to your affiliate account, your account will be suspended of all privileges without prior warning.

Sharing Placements

On a case by case basis, you are required to share the places you’ve used your affiliate link. This includes, and is not limited to any links/screenshots/emails etc.


You must be compliant with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and disclose in a clear way before the affiliate link that you will receive commission if someone clicks through and purchases.

Payment Terms

Payouts are made on a monthly basis and are made to your PayPal accounts for each confirmed paid referral which is not cancelled or refunded.

Note terms and conditions on payments are subject to change without prior notice!

Your payment received may be slightly less after taking into account third party processing fees like PayPal. More information on processing fees can be found at

Affiliates are responsible for all taxes and other similar levies as required by any law or regulation with regard to their affiliate income. You agree as a condition of payment to accurately provide all identification and tax information necessary to allow us to comply with legal requirements.