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Choosing The Best Pressure Washer for Seasonal Maintenance at Home

by | Dec 20, 2022 | All About Pressure Washer

With each passing season, the majority of homeowners find themselves grappling with one challenging aspect of property maintenance or another. Perhaps some of these common cleaning foes sound familiar? In summer, dogs and family members track dirt across your once-smart entranceway while your car becomes dull and dusty. Later in the year, rainfall brings unwelcome moss growth in hard-to-reach places, while winter mold stains quickly take hold when the weather turns colder.

These factors and more can contribute to a rolling to-do list that rotates as predictably as the calendar pages turn. But did you know that a single piece of at-home equipment can transform these chores from major time drains into simple and speedy tasks? That go-to tool is none other than the humble Active pressure washer—uniting innovative modern design, convenient functionality, and real cleaning power. Yes, with the assistance of the right electric pressure washer, seasonal maintenance can become a source of satisfaction rather than frustration!

When Is the Best Time of Year for Pressure Washing?

We here at Active are often asked whether there is a particular time of year that is best for performing pressure washing maintenance tasks. We love receiving customer questions and are always happy to advise. However, the answer in this instance is somewhat nuanced as it depends on your local climate and the surface to be cleaned. But, with a little know-how, common sense can soon begin to steer your pressure washing endeavors.

For example, it is better to avoid pressure washing your driveway, walkways, and patios when expecting sub-zero temperatures, as residual moisture can result in the formation of slippery ice. Equally, if hoping to pressure wash external surfaces ahead of the reapplication of preservative treatments, it is important to choose a bright sunny day that will allow for rapid drying and the conclusion of a job well done.

If concerns over residual moisture following cleaning are not an issue, ultimately, the best time to pull out the pressure washer is when you notice a build-up of dirt or debris that you’d like to quickly eliminate! From darkening buildup on outdoor steps to a layer of grime on exterior siding, a like-new aesthetic can be reclaimed in only a few minutes with the help of a trusty electric pressure washer. Many prioritize time spent with the pressure washer in the late winter or early spring ahead of the arrival of warmer weather and more frequent outdoor enjoyment. However, some pressure washing tasks are worth repeating periodically as the months pass, while others are seasonally specific—making your Active pressure washer an important ally throughout the year!

Choosing the Best Pressure Washer for Your Year-Round Home Maintenance

When selecting the right electric pressure washer for your unique household’s needs, there is value in choosing a model designed and manufactured with versatility and

longevity in mind. Going further still, features such as compact design, optimal mobility, generous cable and hose lengths, and a choice of nifty attachments will make keeping your property immaculate effortless. There is wisdom in opting for a machine that strikes a savvy balance between PSI and GPM, with an optimal overall cleaning units rating. The PSI value of your chosen pressure washer will reflect the pressure it provides measured in pounds per square inch. This should ensure enough power to lift stains and debris effectively, but not so much as to risk stripping paintwork or damaging outdoor facades. The GPM or gallons per minute put out by your pressure washer should achieve a compromise between a rapid enough flow to wash away dirt efficiently and avoiding excess water wastage. Here at Active HQ, we take great pride in ever-striving to develop and manufacture the best pressure washer solutions from the ground up—prioritizing innovation, effectiveness, and rewarding efficiency on behalf of our customers around the world. Ultimately, ours is a truly human approach to strategically modernizing everyday maintenance.


In this pursuit, we have spent well over a decade realizing novel electric pressure washers through careful product testing and real-user feedback, while working with a number of prestigious international brands to better hone our craft. The result is two self-patented and award-winning pressure washer models that are defined by and for the people who depend on them. Are you ready to meet our creations? Get to know the Active 2.0 and Active VE52 today or reach out to our team with your pressure washer questions. We’re always just a phone call, email, or message away!