Active exists to collaborate with you, our customers, for a core purpose: to bring the best products to your garage. Join us as we continue redefining the tool industry, making high-quality products for the enthusiast.

We bring 15 years of expertise in crafting retail products, striving to be a beacon of innovation with our customer-centric solutions. The union of our product expertise and your feedback allows us to root our products in fulfilling your needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellence without compromise. Active stands as a disruptor, offering quality tools that elevate your experience.



  • Active Studio

    Toronto, Canada

    HQ responsible for product development, design and content creation.

  • Pressure Washer Manufacturing

    Ningbo, China

    ​Our facilities, and those of our vendor partners, supply some of the world’s largest brands and retailers.

  • Active Aftercare

    Toronto, Canada

    The original Active North America location, an end-to-end service depot for customer support! 

  • Active Commercial

    City of Hong Kong

    The team managing our financing and logistics functions.

  • Active Quality

    Shangai, China​

    The team responsible for ensuring our manufacturing partners follow the stringent standards set for our product quality.

  • Accessory Manufacturing

    Kabin Buri, Thailand

    The newest facility in the Active family, responsible for producing our premium grade accessories.