Active™ Premium Accessory Bundle

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Product Description

(Note, this hose needs an M22-15mm to 3/8 adapter to be compatible with the Active VE52 and VE56)

The Active Premium accessory solution was developed using consumer feedback, preferences and industry expert guidance.

This package includes the M22-14mm to 3/8 adapter, 50’ 5/16 Steel Braided Rubber Hose, Active Swivel Gun, Active Foam Cannon and Active 20° Bent Lance for a complete portable solution to be used with any pressure washer.

Active Swivel Gun - comes equipped with full 304 Stainless Quick Connects and Integrated internal Swivel connection.

Active Foam Cannon - comes equipped with a fully machined 304 Stainless Quick nozzle head. The foam cannon has convenient adjustment functions to obtain the desirable foam consistency, angle and pattern.

Active Extension Lance - The construction of the Active lance is full 304 stainless steel with integrated quick connects. The plastic casing elevates the design of the tool and provide means for easier maneuvering.

Active 50’ Hose – comes equipped with full 304 stainless steel 3/8” female quick connects on both ends. The hose body is 5/16” diameter with a steel braided real rubber construction for a perfect balance between flexibility and durability in a weight saving design.